In Asian countries, we can buy the painting which is made by good artist of that country with reasonable price. Every time I visited Hanoi, I visited in Han Gallery located in old city (HANH Gallery  No 7 Hang Manh, Hoan Kiem Disrict-Hanoi-Vietnam).  Here I can buy favorable paintings with my reasonable price. This time, I bought a oil painting showing upper one of right side in this page. I carried this painting and the frame with me. You can see a picture of myself with these pack in Hanoi Airport. The packing plus mailing cost will be the level of 200 USD. The painting is 280 USD, So, this time I decided to carry with me. To find the good painting in the Asian countries is always fun for me.
ハノイ旧市街にあるハンさん(右)の画廊にて。Nov. 11, 2002 右の2枚の油絵のどちらを買おうかおおいに迷いましたが、結局上の絵を買いました。ベトナムの女流画家の絵だそうです。確か280USDくらいだった。郵送も可能なのだが、絵が2倍くらいの金額になってしまうので、Hanさんの薦めもあり自分で担いできました。下の写真。Nov. 13, 2002